Athar (Defiers, Defilers)

Plane of Influence: Astral Plane
Headquarters: Shattered Temple (Lower Ward); Formerly temple to Aoskar
Allies: The Believers of the Source
Enemies: -
Factol: Terrance

Moderate Subfaction: The Defiers hold that we must assign purpose to our own lives, because the powers are not supreme beings powerful enough to grant our lives meaning from above.  Defiers seek out those who have been disappointed by the powers or believe their lives lack meaning, and help them find their own meaning using a philosophy of self-empowerment.

Extreme Subfaction:  The Defilers believe that the powers are dangerous frauds who trick believers into worshipping them solely for the purpose of increasing their own power.  Defilers actively aim to disrupt the worship of the Gods, defile their holy places, and prove to all believers that they are being brainwashed and manipulated for nefarious purposes.