Fraternity of Order (Guvners)

Plane of Influence: Mechanus
Headquarters: City Court (Lady’s Ward)
Allies: Mercykillers, Harmonium
Enemies: Xaositects, Revolutionary League
Factol: Hashkar

Moderate Subfaction: Institutionalists believe that mastering the laws and tendencies that underpin the multiverse helps us best shape the laws of our own governments and institutions.  They believe that while heroes can shape events in the short term, in the long term progress is only achieved by developing institutions and layers of law that encourage good behavior and punish bad behavior.  Institutionalist research focuses on finding loopholes to prevent their exploitation, and searching for new laws and generalizable tendencies that may be drawn on to perfect existing laws and institutions.

Extreme Subfaction: Auditors believe a natural order governs everything from language, to food, to taste, to love.  Left to their own devices and ignorant of all relevant historical factors and scientific evidence, individuals will ignore these laws.  Therefore Auditors hold that: 1) proper laws must be established to regulate all behavior; 2) laws must be properly interpreted and enforced; and 3) and all behavior should be recorded and categorized for the purpose of future research or behavior auditing.