DM Tips

What Gilligan’s Island Teaches us About Dungeons and Dragons

A movie star, a professor, a millionaire (and his wife) and a lovable fool band together over a shared goal and go on wacky adventures. Aside from providing the perfect setup to waste a morning binge-watching classic TV, this arrangement of characters also describes every Dungeons and Dragons party ever created. And it reveals a truth about a tricky subject for DND: party formation.

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Planar Adventures

The Demon’s Axe: A D&D Adventure Starring Planescape’s Molydeus

The Molydeus is the only Guardian Demon and serves a distinct and almost un-demon-like purpose: policing the will of the demon princes.

The box set “Hellbound: The Blood War,” describes a pit fiend that has stolen a Molydeus’s weapon and keeps the creature alive in captivity in order to wield it. The materials stopped at that brief description, never creating an arc for a full adventure.

Let’s do that today.

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The Outer Planes

Acheron Re-Imagined: The Endless Tournament

The official Planescape and DND 5e materials describe Acheron as a plane where iron cubes constantly collide with each other.
On the gameplay level, this supports scavenging through battlefields or being thrust into pointless struggles, perhaps as slaves, mercenaries, or unwilling participants. But is this realizing Acheron’s potential as a plane embodying law and conflict?

Let’s see how we can spice it up.

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