This page contains links to Planescape books, blogs, actual play podcasts, wikis, minis, collectibles & fanfiction, plus tools you can use right away in your DND game.  New to Planescape and overwhelmed? Learn the basics of how to run Planescape here.

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Your First Two Planescape Books

The best way for a DM to familiarize herself with Planescape is to purchase two books: Planescape Campaign Setting and Uncaged: Faces of Sigil.

The Campaign Setting is a box set with everything you need to get started: a DM’s guide, a Player’s guide, a guide to important locations, planar creatures, a DM screen, and posters showing the arrangments of the planes and factions, as well as a map of Sigil.

Faces of Sigil introduces 30+ planar NPCs, their plots and schemes, the interactions among them, and amazing art.  It is the single best DND book I have ever read and will make any GM immediately want to run Planescape, if only to have the chance to role-play some of these NPCs.

Core Resources

The following resources add value and are easy to drop into any Planescape campaign:

Wikis / Planescape Information

Actual Play Videos and Podcasts Set in the Planescape Setting

I have listened to at least two episodes of all actual play podcasts listed here and can guarantee that all have high-quality content and audio.

    • Guardians of the Multiverse is a 5e Actual Play podcast set in the Planescape Universe.  High audio quality, fantastic GM’ing, and great chemistry among the cast.
    • The Dark of the Cage is a 5e Actual Play Youtube video and podcast series set in the Planescape universe.  Professional and well-produced.
    • Classless Characters is a 3.5 Actual Play Youtube video and podcast series that begins in the Prime Material and moves to Sigil at the start of Season 2. Lighthearted and full of planar shenanigans.  I recommend starting at Season 2, episode 1, as they have resolved earlier audio issues.
    • Queer for Adventure is a 5e Actual Play podcast set in the Planescape universe.  It features an all queer cast and richly developed characters.  Reminiscent of a less-frazzled Trapped in the Birdcage.
    • Trapped in the Birdcage is a 5e Actual Play youtube series set in Sigil that ran for two seasons.  Full of humor, anachronisms, and panicked PCs.

Planescape Blogs and Websites

    • Powerscore’s Guide to Sigil - An excellent, concise summary for those new to Planescape.
    • Here Be Dragons - A 5e DND blog with a Planescape section.  Particularly helpful for Faction backgrounds and abilities.
    • r/DNDBehindtheScreen's Atlas of the Planes Series - This archived subreddit contains expansive, high-quality homebrew content for all of the different Planes.  I've submitted an entry for Acheron.
    • Sigil Prep - Ever wanted to run a DND game full of college hijinks set in Sigil?  I didn’t know I did either, but there’s a lot of great stuff here.
    • Crossing the 'Verse - Prolific Planescape and D&D blogger.  Trends towards the philosophical.
    • Daemons & Deathrays - Eclectic blog mixing Planescape, Spelljammer, and other DND content.
    • Guile's World - A Pathfinder blog with Planescape resources and conversions.
    • PathGuy - Although the website feels dated, it contains a lot of great information on the Outer Planes.
    • -  This used to be the preeminent Planescape site. But between a site crash and the passage of time, it is a shell of what it used to be, and information is hard to find, though hidden gems may exist.

Web Communities

Video games:

    • Planescape: Torment is consistently ranked as one of the best roleplaying games of all time.  Its incredibly deep and unique story make up for dated graphics and a lackluster combat system.  Beamdog’s Enhanced Edition has updated the game for modern computers.
    • Vision Statement (pitch) for Planescape Torment -- A fascinating (occassionally cringeworthy) look at how the designers originally conceived the game.
    • Torment: Tides of Numenara is described as the spiritual successor to Planescape Torment.
    • Planescape Torment Wiki - Useful as a guide both for the Torment video game and for stealing ideas for your Planescape campaign.

Buying & Collecting Planescape

    • DriveThruRPG Planescape Books - The fastest and most affordable way to buy 2nd Edition DND Planescape books.  These books are lore-rich, and the 5e system is rules-light, so it’s easy to convert on the fly.  Try eBay for purchasing original print materials.
    • Minis Gallery - An excellent website for current and upcoming prepainted DND miniatures, and the largest public forum for discussing them.
    • Acaeum’s Guide to Collecting Planescape - The most complete guide to collecting Planescape.
    • Boardgame Geek Planescape Collector’s Guide - Detailed reviews of all of the Planescape books and other collecting information.  Check here before purchasing on DriveThruRPG.

DMs Guild Planescape Content

DMs Guild is a platform that allows 3rd party creators to sell DND content using WOTC IP.  I do not endorse or advertise any products, but I have personally viewed all products below to ensure they meet my standards for inclusion on this list.

Planescape Fiction & Fanfiction

General D&D Resources (Not-Planescape Specific)


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