Believers of the Source (Godsmen)

Plane of Influence: The Ethereal Plane
Headquarters: The Great Foundry (Lower Ward)
Allies: Athar
Enemies: Bleak Cabal, Dustmen.
Factol: Ambar Vergrove

Moderate Subfaction: Tested believe that we all spring from the same Source, and so all must work to overcome our tests together.  Those who are farther along on their journey to the source have an obligation to help those behind them--in fact, this final test of charity and leadership is one of the last needed to ascend to the Source.

Extreme Subfaction: Self-Made believe that the multiverse tests everyone according to their current station, and individuals are rewarded or punished according to their performance.  Assisting others in performing their tests is misguided charity that robs others of their own incentives to improve and advance. Consequently, the Self-Made seek to eliminate all systems of government welfare, charity, or intervention.