Bleak Cabal

Plane of Influence: Pandemonium
Headquarters: The Gatehouse (Hive Ward)
Allies: Doomguard, Dustmen, Revolutionary League
Enemies: Fraternity of Order, Harmonium, Mercykillers
Factol: Lhar

Moderate Subfaction: Creators believe there is no greater purpose or meaning to our life beyond the meaning that we assign to it.  Some say that such meaning is arbitrary and subjective. Creators, however, believe that through suffering and loss we recognize that in ourselves which possesses the deepest personal meaning, and this recognition gives us strength to endure.  Creators frequently perform charity or express themselves through art.

Extreme Subfaction: Drowners believe that meaning is a delusion created by exposure to language and logic.  Our brains are wired to assign meaning to the world around us so that we may express ourselves through language, but we erroneously assign meaning to things, like our existence, that are inherently meaningless.  Drowners use drugs, alcohol, and primal impulses to drown out the language in their brains and the existential horror of their meaningless existence.