Doomguard (Sinkers)

Plane of Influence: Quasi-elemental planes of Ash, Vacuum, Salt and Dust
Headquarters: Armory (SCOJIOJVSO
Allies: Bleak Cabal, Godsmen, Dustmen
Enemies: Fraternity of Order, Harmonium
Factol: Pentar

Moderate Subfaction: Decomposers believe that creation and destruction are two sides of entropy’s same coin.  Normal processes, like creating a bridge or art, consume materials and so ultimately further the cause of entropy.  Decomposers oppose unnatural processes, such as alchemy and life-prolonging magic, that violate the normal order of change and decay.

Extreme Subfaction: Destroyers believe that war and conflict hasten the cause of entropy and bring the multiverse closer to its perfect state of change, collision, and glory.  The Destroyers use means both obvious (vandalism, sabotage) and subtle (creating conditions that lead to War) to hasten entropy’s destruction of the multiverse.