Dustmen (The Dead, Dusties)

Plane of Influence: Negative Energy Plane
Headquarters: Mortuary (Hive Ward)
Allies: Bleak Cabal, Doomguard
Enemies: Signers, Sensates
Factol: Skall

Moderate Subfaction: Walking Dead espouse a version of asceticism, believing that the passions cloud our minds and render us blind to the true nature of existence.  By eliminating the passions, we reach a state of enlightenment called the True Death that enables us to judge clearly and act appropriately.  The Walking Dead strive to cultivate the state of true death during their current stage of existence that they may exist as long as possible in an enlightened state.

Extreme Subfaction: Life-cursed believe that this stage of existence serves no purpose save to prepare for the True Death, another state of existence that lies beyond an impenetrable veil.  All must bear the burden of life until they have prepared themselves and others for the True Death. In the meantime, Life-Cursed attempt to strip themselves of all trappings of life in order to avoid further meaningless suffering.