Mercykillers (Red Death)

Plane of Influence: Acheron
Headquarters: Prison (Lady’s Ward)
Allies: Harmonium, Guvners
Enemies: Signers, Sensates, Revolutionary League
Factol: Alisohn Nilesia

Moderate Subfaction: Guardians view the role of authority as similar to that of the parent responsible for teaching their child to behave property.  This is best achieved through a combination of incentives that encourage proper behavior and punishments that discourage improper behavior.  The harder job by far--and the job that the Mercykillers take on--is the latter. While no parent wants to discipline a child, they must do because it is essential for the child’s development, and precisely because it is the more difficult form of instruction, it is also the ultimate expression of parental love.  Guardians believe they must eliminate mercy but maintain compassion and sympathy, bearing the burden of being hated by others for performing their ultimate expression of love.

Extreme Subfaction: Givers believe that the multiverse would be perfect if every being received its just reward.  Injustice festers like a cancer, and its spread can only be stopped by purging it absolutely and immediately.  The unjust call for mercy to avoid justice, but any identification with the unjust or with unjust acts creates space for the cancer to spread.  Givers use punishment to destroy injustice in others and to destroy mercy in themselves.