Revolutionary League (Anarchists)

Plane of Influence: Carceri
Headquarters: Each cell has a safe house
Allies: Doomguard, Xaositects
Enemies: Harmonium, Guvners
Factol: None

Moderate Subfaction: Knights of the Fair Trade, like Robin Hood, believe that goodness, charity, love, and justice are always more important than the law.  Corruption and megalomania lead organizations to forget the source and purpose of their power, or to abuse it to their own ends.  In the face of such “law” and “justice,” Knight of the Fair Trade believe that those of strong belief in freedom and goodness should rise to help the weak and protect them from their oppressors.

Extreme Subfaction: The Community of Equals believes that Sigil’s current authorities are corrupt and abuse their power, but so too would any organizations that took their place, as all power ultimately corrupts. Authority must be divested to the people and dispersed to all so that a society based on freedom and camaraderie can flourish.  Such a society must rid itself of all organized power and authority. Similarly, all organizations that contribute to the current system are culpable in its corruption and must be destroyed.