Sign of One (Signers)

Plane of Influence: The Beastlands
Headquarters: Hall of Speakers (Clerk’s Ward)
Allies: The Sensates
Enemies: Harmonium, Bleak Cabal
Factol: Darius

Moderate Subfaction: Visualizers celebrate the power of belief and hold that we have only just tapped into our understanding of its power.  The Outer Planes is a realm of philosophy made manifest where the gods draw power from belief, the physical makeup of the planes shifts according to beliefs, and individuals can will minor changes into existence.  Even on Prime Worlds, the power of mind over matter is incredible: if you visualize yourself succeeding on a task before you attempt the task, you are more likely to succeed. Visualizers focus their energies on testing the interactions between imaging beliefs and realizing them.

Extreme Subfaction: The Dreams of One base their philosophy on the precept that we cannot doubt our own existence, as we must exist to be able to doubt, but there is no basis to believe in anything else, as all we know of the world is filtered through our own perception.  Because the multiverse is made from belief and there is no reason to believe anything exists outside of ourselves, it follows that everything exists because it was created by our imaginations. Dreamers focus on perfecting their imaginative and deductive capabilities in order to imagine and hold together in their minds an ideal reality.