Society of Sensation (Sensates)

Plane of Influence: Arborea
Headquarters: Civic Festhall (Clerk’s Ward)
Allies: Signers
Enemies: Doomguard
Factol: Erin Darkflame Montgomery

Moderate Subfaction: Experimenters believe that while we can only experience the world through our subjective senses, we can, through careful observation and recording of the results of our experience, analyze the world around us and get a more accurate idea of how things work.  They dislike deductive reasoning and hold that all knowledge should be derived from experimentation. Experimenters try to experience as much of the world as possible and record it in sensory stones.

Extreme Subfaction: The Revelry believe that mortals are only able to interact with the world through the senses, and no greater meaning exists beyond the stimuli we perceive.  The purpose of life is simple: to give full measure to the senses and experience as much pleasure as possible.