The Fated (Takers, Heartless)

Plane of Influence: Ysgard
Headquarters: The Hall of Records
Allies: Free League, Mercykillers
Enemies: Harmonium
Factol: Duke Rowan Darkwood

Moderate Subfaction: Strappers (from the expression “pull yourself up by your bootstraps”) recognize that not everyone starts the race at the same place, but experience has taught them that complaining or blaming others will make damn sure you never finish higher than where you started. They believe everyone benefits from competition and hard work, and they believe the role of government is to guarantee the rights of individuals and create as fair an environment as possible so that skill and hard work are rewarded accordingly.

Extreme Subfaction: Predators believe that the strong are meant to rule and the weak to obey. This is the clearest form of the natural order. No one asks if the mosquito should be swatted or not--it simply is. Predators believe that misguided sympathy distracts the attention of the strong from more important goals and artificially supports the meaningless development of the weak.