The Free League (Indeps)

Plane of Influence: The Outlands
Headquarters: Grand (Great) Bazaar (Market Ward)
Allies: Fated
Enemies: Harmonium
Factol: None

Moderate Subfaction: Unaligned believe that no one person or faction is privy to the whole truth, only to bits and pieces.  Aligning with a single faction results in being unduly influenced by a single source and predisposes faction members to view things in a certain way.  The Unaligned believe that those who seek the real truth must keep their options open and carefully avoid all prejudices and preconceptions. But keeping your mind open in matters of belief and philosophy doesn’t mean you don’t need allies--it’s a dangerous world out there, and folks need to work together to survive.

Extreme Subfaction: Preppers believe that the individual is under assault by the insidious power of organizations, which coerce individuals and force them to bend the knee.  Ideology and belief are the expressions of organizations’ power, which they use to pre-emptively co-opt our thoughts and weaken our defenses. Preppers resist all affiliations, organizations, judgments, or exchange of beliefs, believing such acts serve as Trojan Horses for organizations’ oppression and control.  They interact with other individuals only to perform simple transactions, and only when such transactions are essential to their preparations against authority.