Transcendent Order (Ciphers)

Plane of Influence: Elysium
Headquarters: Great Gymnasium (Guildhall Ward)
Allies: Most factions
Enemies: none (viewed with suspicion by Harmonium)
Factol: Rhys

Moderate Subfaction: The Attuned believe that in order to achieve our maximum potential and attune ourselves to the Cadence of the Planes, we must first achieve harmony of mind and body.  In this state, we are so in touch with ourselves and our abilities that we can simply act, our mind and body working together as one. Attuned seek to understand themselves and the world around them and to cultivate harmony between the two.

Extreme Subfaction: Unladen believe that action, like thought, clouds the senses, as it blinds one to other potential actions that one may take.  Unladen minimize movement, speech and thought, preferring to remain in sensory deprivation chambers or trance-like states of meditation.  Unladen intervene in worldly affairs only when absolutely necessary, and then only to the least extent possible.