Xaositects (Chaosmen)

Plane of Influence: Limbo
Headquarters: The Hive (Hive Ward)
Allies: Doomguard, Bleakers
Enemies: Harmonium, Guvners
Factol: Karan

Moderate Subfaction: Ephemera, as they have been dubbed by the Bleaknik artists with whom they occasionally perform, believe that what makes the multiverse beautiful is its random and ephemeral nature.  Those who attempt to impose order on this natural state of chaos are like those who would pluck a wildflower to catalogue its parts--they miss the whole bloody point. Ephemera celebrate their own chaotic expression as a form of art and strive to unleash their full creative potential upon the world.

Extreme Subfaction:  Barmies.  S4^& h#$ sfejlk.  Toijh$3 Ljl’. KHUJ3dsf^%.