The Outer Planes

Acheron Re-Imagined: The Endless Tournament

The official Planescape and DND 5e materials describe Acheron as a plane where iron cubes constantly collide with each other.
On the gameplay level, this supports scavenging through battlefields or being thrust into pointless struggles, perhaps as slaves, mercenaries, or unwilling participants. But is this realizing Acheron’s potential as a plane embodying law and conflict?

Let’s see how we can spice it up.

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Introduction to Planescape

Introduction to Planescape 3/4: Understanding the Core Setting

The Planescape campaign setting published for DND Second Edition is filled with complex NPCs, fantastic locations, villainous schemes, and the peerless artwork of Tony DiTerlizzi. But how do you find what you’re looking for in an out-of-print setting with 4 box sets and 20+ published adventures? This article will get you started, laying out the basics you need to know and other resources that will help you run the setting.

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