The Outer Planes

Acheron Re-Imagined: The Endless Tournament

The official Planescape and DND 5e materials describe Acheron as a plane where iron cubes constantly collide with each other.
On the gameplay level, this supports scavenging through battlefields or being thrust into pointless struggles, perhaps as slaves, mercenaries, or unwilling participants. But is this realizing Acheron’s potential as a plane embodying law and conflict?

Let’s see how we can spice it up.

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Introduction to Planescape

Introduction to Planescape 4/4: Adding Planescape to Your Campaign

In this Introduction to Planescape Series, we first explained why Planescape exists as both Dungeons and Dragons’ Theory of the Planes and as a specific setting, then explored each of the two aspects in more detail. In this final article of the series, we will put everything together and discuss how GMs should and should not introduce Planescape into their campaigns.

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