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  • Losing Face in Sigil’s Slums: A DND Planescape Adventure for 1st-4th Level PCs
    The PCs search for a missing person and devilish treasure in Sigil’s Slags, a dangerous, earthquake-prone battlefield where the Blood War between Devils and Demons once spilled over into the city. But what they find is not what they were searching for....
  • What Gilligan’s Island Teaches us About Dungeons and Dragons
    A movie star, a professor, a millionaire (and his wife) and a lovable fool band together over a shared goal and go on wacky adventures. Aside from providing the perfect setup to waste a morning binge-watching classic TV, this arrangement of characters also describes every Dungeons and Dragons party ever created. And it reveals a truth about a tricky subject for DND: party formation.
  • Weather Table for Planescape’s Sigil: Roll for Random Misery
    Want to introduce random(ly miserable) weather for Sigil into your Planescape game? This article provides a chart for DMs to roll random weather, with potentially unfortunate consequences for the PCs. It also explains the origins of Sigil's unique weather.
  • To Plan or Not to Plan: Build Better DND Adventures by Wargaming the Climax
    “No plan survives contact with the enemy.” This is certainly true for DMs planning D&D games. While we may anticipate how players react to certain situations, outcomes seldom go according to even the players’ plans, let alone the GM’s. So why do we plan? And to what degree should we plan?
  • Kips in the Cage: Custom Lifestyle Expenses for Planescape’s Sigil
    How much jink for a kip in the cage? For those in the dark on DND Planescape slang, that means this blog article will look at lifestyle expenses in Sigil: how much it costs, variations by ward, and the consequences of PCs choosing the slums vs the Ritz.

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